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15 Reasons to Visit Philadelphia Now | Fodor's

The City of Brotherly Love is hot this summer, with tons of can't-miss exhibits, mouthwatering food events, and an incredible live music lineup. Here are the top 15 reasons you should check it out.

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Best Day Trips from Buenos Aires | Fodor's

Get beyond tango: add a quick side trip to your Buenos Aires itinerary and you'll find a whole new part of the city's culture.

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Best Day Trips from Paris | Fodor's

There's no end to the wonderful things to see, do, eat, and drink in the City of Light. But take a day to explore the towns around it and you'll discover even more art, culture, and cuisine. And you'll be back by dinner.

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Celebrate the Kennedy Space Center's 50th with Three Rare Tours ...

The Kennedy Space Center is turning 50 this year, and to celebrate they're giving visitors up-close glimpses of otherwise off-limits areas, like shuttle launch pads and more.

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Double-Duty Beauty Products for your Carry-On | Fodor's

If you're the kind of traveler who needs an extra carry-on just for beauty products, this indispensable list is for you. We rounded up our favorite multi-tasking products that help us look good on the go.

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New York's Most Expensive Neighborhoods to Stay In | Fodor's

It's no secret that hotels in New York City come at a premium, but just how much does a 3-star room cost? And which part of town has the most expensive rates?

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Starter Kit to the US Virgin Islands | Fodor's

Getting away to an island paradise without bringing along your passport? Easy. The US Virgin Islands offer several easy tropical experiences for American beach-goers.

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The Luckiest Places on Earth | Fodor's

Feeling a little down on your luck? Was 2012 not your year? Check out our list of the luckiest places on earth, and maybe you'll turn your luck around in the new year.